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InMotion Hosting has the best Shared and VPS Black Friday hosting deals, and is rated the most reliable.

Shared Hosting: I just signed up for a 2 years shared hosting plan with InMotion for $107 (50% Black Friay Deal), here is the proof of purchase:

I saved $131.94 on two years shared hosting!

This is without a doubt one of the best shared hosting Black Friday deals I have seen.

As a web designer I have used almost every type of shared hosting out there, and I can tell you that InMotion is well regarded as one of the best performing shared hosting services.

Shared hosting is often a roll of the dice, as unlimited often doesn’t really mean unlimited, and the performance of your website is directly affected by the server management of the company. This means when shopping for cheaper plans, do your research before signing up for an annual plan, no matter how good the Black Friday hosting deal is.

Example: A client of mine was using HostGator earlier this year and because there was a sudden spike in hacking attempts and spam traffic they shut down the website completely without notice, this not only negatively affected business but prevented us from fixing the problem.

We then upgraded the account for $300+ because Hostgator told us it would fix the problem. It did not, the hacking and spam traffic continued and they shut down the website again without notice.

Hostgator continued to avoid responsibility and we ended up switching the client to InMotion who helped us locked down the admin link to WordPress with a firewall (shouldn’t be rocket science to a hosting company).The hacking and spam traffic continued on InMotion hosting and they ended up throttling the traffic to the website multiple times (slowing it down) instead of completely shutting it down like HostGator.

This is only one example of why you should go with the reliable host, to protect your business from future problems [click here for InMotion shared hosting discount].

VPS Hosting: I just signed up for a 1 year VPS hosting plan with InMotion for $344.88 (Black Friay Deal), here is the proof of purchase:

I saved $195 on one year VPS hosting!

If you want peace of mind that your website isn’t going to be slow because of crowded shared hosting then you need a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This is what I use for and I recommend it for anyone planning to grow their website’s SEO and online business.

I just got an email from a client a couple days ago saying “Hostgator will not handle the traffic. We anticipate maybe 1000-2000 users on the website. What should we do?”Hostgator was trying to push a bigger hosting plan on them without properly explaining what’s going on and what are their options.They are happy to sell a larger hosting package without the support required by the business.

My response?
“You probably need a VPS server, not shared, it’s what I use for my main site: (costs $30 a month)”

These links all say InMotion is the best VPS host:
Google search (best vps hosting 2015):
#1 result:
#2 result:
#3 result:

Need I say more?
InMotion hosting has one of the best shared hosting services, and the #1 rated VPS hosting service, now that’s a reliable web host. [click here for InMotion VPS hosting discount link]

I was a little disappointed with the Black Friday hosting deal because I saw only the first month discounted and wanted to know if I could get a better deal elsewhere on an annual plan.  I quickly found out that other VPS hosts were happy to sell cheaper plans, but at a fraction of the performance that InMotion would offer.

Research Examples:
#1 result: says #1 InMotion, #2 Bluehost, #3 Media Temple

  • InMotion offers: $15/first mo ($30/mo for the next 11 months, will renew at $44.99/mo) for 4GB RAM
  • Bluehost offers: $15/first mo ($30/mo for the next 11 months) for 2GB RAM
  • Media Temple starts at $30 (2GB – 64GB RAM)

#2 result:,2817,2455706,00.asp says #1 InMotion, #2 Dreamhost, #3 HostGator

  • InMotion offers: $15/first mo ($29.99/mo for the next 11 months, will renew at $45/mo) for 4GB RAM
  • Dreamhost offers: $15/mo (no Black Friday hosting deal for VPS?) for 1GB RAM
  • HostGator offers: $24/year (65% OFF, will renew at $50/mo) for 1GB RAM

The closest competition to InMotion VPS hosting is Bluehost, same price for half the guaranteed performance. And everyone else is willing to charge more for less [click here for InMotion VPS hosting discount link].

I’ve always been very impressed with InMotion Hosting and have been using them for my clients that are on a budget without sacrificing speed or support.  I also use both their Shared and VPS hosting plans. If you are looking for new affordable WordPress hosting, or maybe thinking of switching, I definitely recommend checking them out! Use the links above to get 30-50% off on the launch, power, pro and VPS plans.

As always feel free to leave your comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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