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Get Advice on How You Can Master Email Marketing.

Are you getting the most out of your email marketing efforts? How do you make your email campaigns stand out from the rest?

Get advice from our marketing experts!

We’ll take a look at your current email marketing strategy, and offer tips and suggestions for improvement.

In your free assessment, we’ll talk about how you can:

  • Improve your subject lines to get higher open rates
  • How to improve your newsletter designs to increase click-through rates
  • Use strong landing pages to improve the conversion rates of your emails
  • Measure the business value of your email marketing efforts

Email is effective because it’s permission-based. It provides a very personal environment to engage with consumers and convert interest to sales.

At Tech Design Studios, we help businesses manage their brand identity and engage better with their clients online. We work with you to develop and grow your online footprint and communities.

Not only will we develop and manage your email marketing strategy we can teach you how to do it as well.Super-charge your online presence, increase brand awareness and engage clients like never before through email marketing.

Call us at (925) 323-7245 or request your free assessment to the right, and let’s get started!

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What do our customers say?

Geoffrey exposed me to social media marketing and continues to advise and help me keep our business visible in the online world ... I recognize and appreciate his knowledge and expertise in online marketing, web design and all the social media that goes on today. Geoffrey has given me outstanding service, excellent ideas and most important he is trustworthy.

Marilyn Devegenzo

... We learned how to use content marketing, social media, our website, SEO, and paid programs for lead generation. He helped us understand what information you should collect from prospects, as well as how to test, optimize, and measure your marketing campaigns...

Gail Wilson

Tech Design Studios has been an amazing service allowing us to connect with our customers through social media and email marketing, which in turn has increased our business. They have been integral in keeping our fans updated as we launched a new location. Tech Design Studios takes care of it all for me. They handle all my social media, website, SEO and keep the conversation growing. Geoffrey is helpful, responsive and has what it takes to jump start your online word of mouth.

Marie James

... Geoffrey been very helpful in coaching me and my employees on how to run a productive email and social media marketing plan. I recommend him and look forward to working with him again.

Nick Artello

Why You should Invest in Email Marketing:

  • Customers spend 50% more with businesses they receive emails from
  • Email is the most popular online activity (much greater than Social Media)
  • Email converts prospects to customers
  • Email is cheap
  • Email is one of the easiest marketing strategies to measure and improve
  • Email has the highest ROI of all online marketing channels
    • Every $1 spent sending emails returns over $44 in revenue



We Can Help You With:

  • Email Acquisition – Implementing proven strategies to grow your mailing list.
  • Email Template Designs – The creation of custom designed email templates for your messages.
  • Copy Creation – Content development for your email campaigns specific to that particular campaign goal. This includes creation of engaging, promotional campaigns as well as behaviorally-triggered messages.
  • A/B Split Testing – Improve your email marketing campaigns by testing things like what\’s the best time of day to send, what kind of subject line works best, something with a hard sell or something more subtle and informative

Email Marketing Automation

  • Email Scheduling – The set-up and scheduling of email campaigns (services: MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, GetResponse)
  • Triggered Emails – An email that is generated based on a meaningful change or event in a customer behavior or profile thus enabling you to send messages that are relevant, timely and personalized.
  • Drip Campaigns – We also execute multi-step drip campaigns designed to re-engage, nurture, and win back customers, by providing engaging messaging that will keep your brand in the subscribers mind.



Social Media Integration

For best results, we recommend email marketing be integrated with social media. Email and social media actually play quite nicely together, and each enhances the other in many ways.

Social media can further increase the return on investment (ROI) of your email solutions by providing more tools to engage and grow your email list.