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This is our latest explainer video, we can’t wait to hear your feedback! In this video learn how responsive design can help your business to succeed and stay future friendly.

The internet is no longer used primarily desktop computers and the internet usage on mobile devices is increasing every day.  If you don’t want to loose potential clients then you need a great looking website which is also optimized for mobile browsing.

61% of mobile customers admit that they are likely to go to a competitor site after visiting a mobile unfriendly site.

Make your customers happy with a site that is a delight to browse on any size of device.

If you like the business video and want to make a similar one for your own business please contact us or call us at  (925) 323-7245.

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Geoffrey Purkis

Geoffrey Purkis is the owner and creator of He's a WordPress / Web developer, SEO and online marketer located in Lafayette, California. He is active on all of the major social networks and enjoys writing and teaching small business owners how to leverage the Internet to promote and grow their business. Click here to follow him on Google+.