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Contact form spam has gotten out of control lately (so has Robocalling, but that will have to wait for another blog post).

I have been adding and testing out every form of spam prevention without any success until recently. I’ve tried honeypots, CAPTCHA’s, IP blocking, quizzes, and Akismet. And none of them worked. With multiple spam contact form submissions a day it was getting to the point where I waited until the very end of the day to look at them because it was wasting my time and stressing me out.

Then I tried the CleanTalk trial, and for 7 amazing days, I had some peace and quiet.

Then the trial ended and immediately I got swamped with spam contact requests again.

I have never signed up for a WordPress related plugin/service faster and without any buyers remorse.

Here is my invoice which I share proudly ($58.32, for 3 websites for 3 YEARS! + the upgrade package, and right now they have a discount for 20% off):

In the last week, it has blocked 73 spam contact form submissions:

I even paid for their Extra Package because they deserve my money, that includes:

  1. 45 Day Log
    Storage of detailed history of the request 45 days. If you have not enough storage for 7 days of history, CleanTalk can extend this to 45 days. These data are useful if you lose a message, for feedback and view detailed information about each request.
  2. Stop Words
    Filtering messages containing “stop words”, to disallow comments that contain the word you have added to the dictionary “stop words.” This function is required if you want to disable comments containing not normative lexicon, insults, etc.
  3. Country Black List
    Filtering posts/registrations by country allows you to block all comments/registration to users from selected countries.
  4. Editing Message for Blocked Visitors
    Message to forbidden visitors allows you to customize an answer form our servers. By default they will get messages like: “Forbidden. Please enable JavaScript”.
    You could change it with this feature for example: “Your message was blocked. Please contact administrator via mail@mail.mail”. It will lower risk of false positives.
  5. Website Access Delegation
    The possibility to grant the rights to other users to manage or inspect your websites in your CleanTalk Dashboard.

I haven’t even used any of these extra features yet because the spam has just stopped. I could not recommend CleanTalk enough.


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