Stop “File Change Warning” Email Notifications from iThemes

By November 1, 2013Web Design, WordPress

At the end of October the iThemes plugin must have gotten an update because since October 28th I’ve been receiving a flood of emails from my clients website.

This is how you fix it.

  1. Log into your WordPress website:
  2. Go to the iThemes plugin settings, it is in the sidebar towards the bottom under Settings:
  3. Find the “Notification Center”, click configure settings:
  4. Uncheck the “enabled” checkbox under “File Change” or uncheck “All Administrative users” and specify what email address you do want these notifications sent to:

And that’s it, hopefully this cleans up your email inbox like it did mine.

If this post helped or you are still having problems, leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you. Thanks.


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