Digital PR: What It Is And Why You Need It

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Digital PR can offer businesses growth in both sales and consumer trust.

Digital Public Relations is a way to strategically communicate between your brand and your audience so that both sides benefit. With Digital PR specifically, the focus is building an increased online presence and establishing relationships with online influencers.

A huge plus with Digital PR is that the results are easy to measure and made tangible through analytics; you know almost instantly if your hard work is paying off.

Digital PR Strategies

A Digital PR specialist will have many goals for your business, from increasing sales to building brand trust, and there’s plenty of different strategies to take to reach them.

Backlinks (when an external website links to yours) are very relevant to how well you rank on all major search engines, including the all powerful Google. Many Digital PR agencies will already have established relationships with influential bloggers. This will gain you backlinks and mentions of your brand on their highly trafficked blogs. As the saying goes, “Your network is your networth.”

Another tactic a Digital PR specialist will use is their connections with journalists and editors to gain press features as well as backlinks. Creating content, such as articles, with focus keywords will also lead to a better SEO standing and create the opportunity to gain backlinks.

A Digital PR agency will network with not just the press and bloggers, but also with social media infl

uencers. If a trusted social media figure promotes or reviews your product or business, you not only receive the exposure, but you’re building brand trust.

Putting a positive spin on negative reviews and comments about a business is another strategy that a PR agency can implement. They can respond publicly to a negative review with possible solutions to their complaints and they know successful methods to flood the search engine with positive content regarding your business.

These are just a few of the tactics a Digital PR agency will likely implement to gain brand trust as well as positive exposure. They will likely attend offline press or blogger events, sponsor local events in your community, reach out to local publications, and more to get you your ROI and increase your sales.

Measuring Digital PR Success

Compared to Traditional PR, Digital PR is much more data-driven which makes it fairly simple to measure its effectiveness.  

Google Analytics will allow you to see exactly how much organic traffic is coming from social media links, articles published about your business, press releases or any other PR tactic you’ve used.

SEMrush is a program available to measure backlinks and keyword visibility. Buzzsumo is another great tool to measure your PR successes, particularly your social media performance. It will also help with influencer marketing and outreach.

Moz’s Open Site Explorer allows you to analyze link building specifically, both external and internal, and how they affect your SEO.

There’s no shortage of available tools to help in deciphering data – keeping you consistently informed of what is working and what isn’t.

Any way you slice it Digital PR is a great way to increase your brand’s reach and it’s credibility.

If you’ve had any Digital PR experiences of your own, please leave a comment below!

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