Popular Website Designs: What’s Trending?

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    In today’s tech savvy world, it’s not enough to just have a functioning website. You also need to keep up with the current popular website designs as well.

However, it’s important that you don’t get too caught up in trying to mimic every popular design element out there. This article will break down all the latest popular website designs, from font, to homepages, and more! First, let’s look at some 2018 general design trends. This will give you some basic ideas for how you want to design the layout of your website.

  • Both flat icons and a flat site layout
  • Unique fonts with colors that stand out
  • Sites that are compatible and accessible on mobile devices
  • Visuals: eye catching images and entertaining videos

So, what specific popular website designs are new in 2018? There are three main design elements to be aware of. First, bright themed websites are your best bet if you’re trying to make your business stand out among your competitors. This is especially true when it comes to narrowing down your color scheme, as uncoordinated color combination are all the rage right now. It’s also critical that your site is  mobile friendly, or that you have a separate mobile option for customers. Finally, visual imagery is a great way to draw people into your site and your brand. Your best bet is with pictures that have a hand drawn, authentic look; and are playful.

example of popular website designs

    There are several important technical aspects to keep in mind when implementing current popular website designs into your site layout.

First and foremost, is using some type of analytics tool. Something similar to Google Analytics will be most helpful. This will enable you to see just how well your updated web design is working to increase traffic and sales on your site. Second, keep in mind that you want to make both users and Google happy with your website. This includes combining some type of SEO strategy with your popular web designs. Speaking of SEO, you’ll want to increase your digital footprint by including links to all social media accounts affiliated with your company and brand. Additionally, you will NEED to make sure you have a tight security system on your site to protect both your business and your customers.

Engagement with your users and potential customers is another huge factor in website design. You want to establish a deep, trustworthy connection with everyone who visits your site. This can be done in a multitude of ways. Internal linking is a good start towards building up engagement. It allows visitors to your site to easily and quickly get to the information they are searching for. It’s also extremely helpful if you include the option to “share” your content. This allows your content to be promoted (for free!) on a variety of social media platforms. Another way to promote engagement is through enjoyable things like ratings, surveys/polls, and quizzes.

example of popular website designs

    Here’s exactly what you need on your homepage to have a high quality website design that is in line with current popular website designs:

  1. You’ll want to have both helpful and informative head lines. Think, bold font with a head line that compels you to click on the link and learn more.
  2. Keep in mind that your home page essentially is the face of your brand, company, and products/services. It should be the one place customers can go to get any information they want or need.
  3. In addition, include direct links on your home page to take users exactly where they want to go to get they information they are seeking. This might not always include internal links to other pages on your site. No forget to take advantage of external linking to any necessary or helpful sources.

    Blogging is another key element in today’s popular website designs.

Posting regular, informative blog posts is a ways to both increase engagement and your digital footprint. As with website design, there are some current blogging trends that you need to be up to date on. First, blogging trends are typically highly similar to the current popular website designs. Still, there are some key differences to keep in mind. Mainly, the lay out of your blog should be simple and aesthetically pleasing. Include images when appropriate, and make sure to color coordinate your design pallet.

example of popular website designs

    Now, it’s time to look at the rules and regulation you must factor into your website design.

The two main regulatory agencies you will need to be in compliance with are the GDPR and the ADA. The GDPR set’s forth rules and regulations regarding how online businesses can collect data from consumers. For more information on the recent changes to these regulations, click here. The ADA regulations are something most businesses aren’t even aware of when they go about designing their websites. Basically, these regulations just insure that your site is accessible to everyone, including people who may be visually or otherwise impaired. Below are the specific requirements you must meet in your website design:

  • Specific Text to Background ratio (in terms of color choice)
  • Ability to browse your site with just the use of a keyboard
  • Your site must be compatible with screen reader programs
  • Your site must be compatible with font scaling of 200% without any design/layout issues

    There is a lot of work and research that is involved in creating a website that meets all of these current popular website design elements. So, it’s best to leave your website design and SEO strategy to the professionals. Luckily, the experts at Seattle Web Search can handle all of your digital marketing needs. Click here for more information.


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